Samarth Engineers

Catering to the industry requirements of precision engineered process equipment, allied products and fabrication services, we “Samarth Engineers” offer to our clients a wide range of industrial manhole, industrial chimney, venturi tubes, heat exchanger, decanter & chiller for ethanol plants, cyclone, frame hood for milk separator, agitator tanks, mobile racks and many more. The use of superior engineering techniques and modern technology in its construction allows us to successfully cater to the processing and other requirements of refineries, oil process plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, distilleries including repairing & other allied activities.

Our company was established in the year 2005 by professionally qualified engineers and technicians situated at Bhosari, Pune, India.

Well connected with both rail & road, we have with us facilities of well developed fabrication floor on an area of 12000 Sq. ft./2 machine shop along with modern machine shop and other necessary equipment needed for meeting the production requirements. Further our extensive industry experience enables us to have in depth understanding of the involved processes, which in turn helps us to achieve and deliver accurate results that meets the specific work needs of our clients.


  • The attributes that add on to our strength are : Our capability of designing and developing standard and customized products assists clients in further improving the feasibility of their processes and bringing a reduction in the involved production costs.
  • Team of industry experts.
  • Involvement of leading edge technologies which assists us in bringing further improvements in our range of engineering services and products.


Our extensive industry experience and effective use of modern machinery equipment enables us to successfully meet complete engineering product and services requirements of our clients. The range of products and services offered by us include Venturi, heat exchanger, decanter for ethanol plants, chiller for ethanol plants, cyclone, frame hood for milk separator, plate rolling m/c, bed type screw conveyor, agitator tank, mobile rack, alcohol scrubber, fermentation tank and many more.


Our modern machining facilities and the collective expertise of our workforce assists us in meeting the customized product and services requirements of our clients. Their in depth understanding of our engineers and associated workforce of the involved processes further helps us to manufacture and provide precision engineering services as per the given geometry.


  • The wide range of services offered by us include : Fabrication of stainless steel - all series. ( SS-304, 304L, SS-316, SS-316L, SS-310, Duplex Steel Alloy Steel. )
  • Fabrication of noble metals such as Aluminium, copper, titanium, monel, Inconnel and Hastelloy.
  • Designing and manufacturing of tube heat exchanger, venturies as per ASME CODE, ISO-5167 & TEMA.
  • Designing and manufacturing of agitator tank, column, blender, storage tank.
  • Machining facilities.


  • We are familiar with ASME code and other international prevailing standard.
  • Rich experience for fabrication process of different material.
  • Better capability to communicate with clients in technology and language.
  • Flexible cooperation manner, we do detailed designing and fabrication based on clients basic designing or manufactures the equipment only as per the drawings of the clients.


Our company gives top priority to the quality aspect of our products and fabrication services. The services of experienced quality control experts helps us maintain stringent quality checks at different stages of production processes. This comprehensive inspection and analysis done by our team ensures superior quality in our products that match with those of international standards. Further it also assures our clients of receiving superior quality of engineering products that meet their exact requirements.


Control over the involved processes, in turn helping us in providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. Some of the machinery equipment that assists us in having a smoother work process include

Lathe Machine
• 10ft, 650mm Center Height : 1No.
• 06ft, 300mm Center Height : 1Nos
• 04ft, 200mm Center Height : 3Nos

Drilling Machine
• 1¼”Radial Drilling : 1Nos
• 11/2"Hand Drilling : 1Nos
• ¼”Hand Drilling : 1Nos

Welding Machine
• Welding Rectifier 400amp : 7Nos.
• Aluminium TIG Set : 2Nos
• Welding Transformer 300amp : 1Nos.
• Tig Welding Set : 7Nos.

• 7”Angle Grinder : 7Nos.
• 7”Sander : 2Nos.
• GQ-4Grinder : 1Nos.


Rolling Machine 1Nos.

Hand Sharing Machine 1Nos.

Spot Welding Machine 1Nos.

Plasma Cutting 1Nos.

12mm, 2000mm

UP TO 3mm

UP TO 3 +3mm


Handling Facility
• 10T, overhead crane = 1No.
• Jip Crane-1 T = 2Nos.